UHC Ghana Project

The goal of the UHC Ghana Project was to develop a team of trainers in Ghana from National/Subnational Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who are capable of providing training on Domestic Health Financing (DHF), Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Budget Advocacy (BA) to civil society actors, media organizations and elected officials at the national level, and to provide support and mentoring to CSOs engaged in these activities in Ghana. We accomplished this goal in October 2021 with 16 CSO Leaders completing the training.

2021 UHC Ghana Training of Trainers Class

The UHC Ghana Trainers went through four training sessions in total: (1) Overview of Joint Learning Agenda; (2) UHC and the Right to Health In Ghana; (3) Budget Analysis and Advocacy; and (4) Operationalizing Advocacy. Upon completion, they were asked to develop plans for the Regions and Districts they have operations in.

UHC Ghana ToT Master Trainers

Both LaMont "Montee" Evans, President/CEO - HBC Promised Ghana and John Eliasu Mahama, Member - People's Health Movement/Ghana completed the World Health Organization’s Organization’s Online Course: Health Financing for Universal Health Coverage and WACI Health and Global Health Partners' Anglophone Country Trainer of Trainers.

Domestic Health Financing

Health financing refers to the “function of a health system concerned with the mobilization, accumulation and allocation of money to cover the health needs of the people, individually and collectively, in the health system… the purpose of health financing is to make funding available, as well as to set the right financial incentives to providers, to ensure that all individuals have access to effective public health and personal health care.” (WHO, 2000)

Universal Health Coverage

UHC means that all individuals and communities receive the health services that they need without suffering financial hardship. It includes the full spectrum of essential, quality health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and pallative care. UHC related policies relate to actions linked with Health Systems that include coverage, elimination of out-of-pocket expenses, etc.

Budget Advocacy

Budget Advocacy” is a strategic approach to influence governments’ budget choices, aimed at achieving clear and specific outcomes—e.g., healthier people, less poverty, or improved governance. Effective advocacy will build toward attaining them with smaller concrete steps, such as increased budget allocations and more solid oversight of how funds are spent.

Resource Documents

We have collected and compiled documents, reports, statistics and information we know CSOs need when conducting research or trying to gather supporting information when advocating for more resources around Universal Health Coverage, Domestic Health Financing, andBudget Advocacy. Below you will find links to documents for your use, download or preview. Should you need a specific document, report, statistics or information; please don’t hestiate to contact us directly. 


Health Policies, Strategic Plans & Related Documents

In this section, we have included Health Policies, Strategic Plans & Related Documents that relate to health or information useful for those working, volunteering or interested in health. Click HERE to view Health Policies, Strategic Plans & Related Documents 


International Instruments

In this section, we have included International Instruments developed internationally for reference on where Ghana stands or focuses. Click HERE to view our current portfolio of International Instruments.


Key National Documents

In this section, we have included Key National Documents that aim to provide comprehensive and accessible information about significant documents that have shaped the course of our nation. Click HERE to view our current portfolio of Key National Documents.


Legislation (Acts of Parliament)

In this section, we have included Legislation and Acts of Parliament which aims to provide our visitors with comprehensive information related to the laws and regulations that govern our society, more specifically around health. Click HERE to view our current portfolio of Legislation and Acts of Parliament.


National Budgets and Related Documents

In this section, we have included Ghana’s National Budget and Related Documents for Civil Society Organizations, Citizens, and Individuals interested in understanding the intricacies of government budgets and related financial documents. Click HERE to view our current portfolio of Ghana’s National Budget and Related Documents.



In this section, we have included Research that is often hard to find. Click HERE to view our current portfolio of Research Documents.

“We promise on our honor to be faithful and loyal to Ghana, our motherland.”